INTERNAL BLEEDING announce livestream with Dark Forces Live

Broadcasting on 2nd January 2021

Pioneering New York death metal legends INTERNAL BLEEDING have announced a livestream in conjunction with Dark Forces Live, showing on 2nd Jan at 5pm EST/ 10PM GMT / 11PM CET.

Tickets and merch bundles can be purchased here:

Guitarist Chris Pervelis commented “Welp, 2020 certainly sucked — so let’s bring in a new, better year on January 2! Join IB and thousands of fans worldwide and SLAM your way into 2021 with a killer livestream concert.”

The band will perform as set featuring material spanning their career as well as their devastatingly heavy sixth full length album, Corrupting Influence, out now via Unique Leader Records.

Obituary’s Trevor Peres, Joe Cincotta from Full Force Studio, and Sean Bell from Forever Dark have joined together creating Dark Forces Live, a new live streaming platform. To celebrate, Dark Forces Live has invited INTERNAL BLEEDING to perform at their inaugural livestream event. The performance will broadcast from Designatronix industries in Ronkonkoma, NY.

Trevor Peres comments: “After doing the livestreams with Obituary, Joe Cincotta, who was doing the sound for the first two streams, asked me if I would want to start up a production/promotion company to produce livestreams up in New York. I, immediately, loved the idea and figured we could help out metal bands that don’t know where to start to produce a livestream concert. We put a ton of hours researching and figuring out how this shit works, so we are taking that new found knowledge and experience to other bands and starting Dark Forces Live.”

More info:

BEWITCHER | Announce “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”, Out April 16th, 2021

When one finds themselves at the proverbial crossroads – face to face with the Devil himself – who wouldn’t choose the left-hand path? Honestly, evil is too enticing, too strong, and Hell has the best music anyway. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, heavy metal mongrels BEWITCHER made their pact with Lucifer years ago, and have been walking the dark path ever since.

Today BEWITCHER are unveiling the front cover for their upcoming Century Media Records debut and 3rd studio album, “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”, which was done by Paolo Girardi (Power Trip and many more). “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” is set for a release on April 16th, 2021. Keep your eyes and ears open for a new song shortly.

M. von Bewitcher (vox & guitars) comments:
“We summoned the mighty Paolo Girardi to deliver us a cover that visually depicted a few of the lyrical themes within the album. It has a Renaissance-era vibe to it, but it also incorporates some nods to the band’s past. It’s filled with all kinds of omens, harbingers, and all that cool dark, evil looking shit that is a necessity in any heavy metal album cover of merit! Get your dose of black magic on April 16th, when ‘Cursed Be Thy Kingdom’ is finally turned loose upon the world!“

Recorded at The Captain’s Quarters in Ventura, California by Armand John Anthony (Night Demon), and mixed by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Megadeth), “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” is a powerhouse, heavy-metal-rock-’n’-roll record forged in the white hot fires of Hell.

Rock ’n’ roll is the Devil’s music, and through “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”, BEWITCHER invites you to join them at the crossroads, drink from the chalice of rock ’n’ roll, then ritualistically sell your soul to the dark lord himself. M. von Bewitcher puts it best, “The Devil is always ready to make the deal…”

M. von Bewitcher – vox & guitars
A. Magus – bass guitar & backing vox
A. Hunter – drums & percussion


Flotsam And Jetsam Welcome Bill Bodily (Contrarian, ex-Inhumatus, ex-Toxik) As New Bass Player, Upcoming Studio Album Nearly Completed

Canada’s Sword Release “In Kommand” New Single In Over 30 Years. New Album On The Way

You can buy it here: SWORD (

Razor | Announce “Armed And Dangerous” & “Live! Osaka Saikou 大阪最” Digital & Physical Reissues

Armed & Dangerous tracklisting:

“The End”
“Killer Instinct”
“Hot Metal”
“Armed And Dangerous”
“Take This Torch”
“Ball And Chain”
“Fast And Loud”
“Ball And Chain” (Demo)
“Hot Metal” (Demo)
“Take This Torch” (Demo)
“Killer Instinct” (Demo)
“Fast And Loud” (Demo)
“Armed And Dangerous” (Demo)

Live! Osaka Saikou 大阪 tracklisting:

“Instant Death” (Live)
“Iron Hammer” (Live)
“Violent Restitution” (Live)
“Tear Me To Pieces” (Live)
“Parricide” (Live)
“Behind Bars” (Live)
“Speed Merchants” (Live)
“Nowhere Fast” (Live)
“Cross Me Fool” (Live)
“Concussion” (Live)
“Stabbed In The Back” (Live)
“Shotgun Justice” (Live)
“Electric Torture” (Live)
“Brass Knuckles” (Live)
“Soldier Of Fortune” (Live)
“Take This Torch” (Live)
“Evil Invaders” (Live)
“The Pugilist” (Live)

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