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Heavy Metal from USA/The Netherlands

Interview with Sonia Anubis

Sonia welcome to SFTV. Your first EP will be released in a few days. How do you feel about it, and what are your intentions, dreams and expectations? ‘

Hi! Thank you so much for having me on your interview. I have been super excited for the release of our debut EP “Love Venom”. The reactions on the music have been better than I ever expected, certainly because we are a new band and nobody knows us. We have had a lot of pre-orders and great reviews, we can’t be more thankful. We all in the band are very passionated about music and we have a lot of future dreams. We really hope to tour internationally, release a following full-length and certainly play our favourite festivals. We surely hope it will become reality.

Why is it a DIY release? Wasn’t there any approach from labels? Why Crypta have signed a deal but Cobra Speed not?

That’s right. Our EP has been released independently. The reason why Crypta is signed and Cobra Spell not, is simply because Cobra Spell hasn’t gotten any offer yet.

Give us some further info about “Love Venom”. The songwriting process, the recording sessions, production etc.?

We started the process of writing “Love Venom” in 2019. Compositions are made by me and the lyrics are mainly done by Sebastian. From there I create the singing line melodies. I make demo’s at home from the compositions. From there we sent it over to our singer Alexx so he can record the vocals for a demo version. For “Love Venom”, we had a session drummer named Marco Prij, he made some very cool drum-lines. Mixing and mastering has been done by Alejandro Gabasa Barcoj.

A band’s music is a combination of influences. From where or what do you draw inspiration to write music for Cobra Spell?

The biggest influences on Cobra Spell are without doubt anything 80’s – such as aesthetics, music, looks and architecture. Music wise, our favourite bands that inspire our sound are Dokken, Ratt, Whitesnake, X Japan, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more.

Could you please develop us your lyric-themes of your songs?

“Come On Tonight”: Overall this song is about getting ready for the night. Enjoy the night as much as possible. “Poison Bite”: Chasing down someone that you really like. “Love Venom”: Being in love. “Shake Me”: Being addicted to someone.

Your nickname is inspired by Egyptian mythology, and you seem to be deep into it. Why don’t you work on similar topics with your bands (or will you do it with Crypta)?

Most probably it might appear on Crypta lyrics.

What about your first full-length? Could you give us some info about it? Do you have any idea when it will be released?

With Cobra Spell, we are already working on the following full-length indeed, we are hoping for next year. With Crypta we have already the debut full-length finished writing wise. We are planning to go to the studio soon. We are releasing it next year too.

Leaving Burning Witches was my hardest choice so far in my short musical career. But I don’t regret it one bit.

Sonia Anubis

How do you like to spend your time when not being Sonia Anubis of Cobra Spell and Crypta?

Honestly music is my full-time thing, so you will always see me making music. I like to play around with synthesisers and orchestral VST’s on my computer, watch crime series, and doing gymnastics.

Any news from Crypta? Where are you with the new album?

We have finished the writing process, we are getting ready to book a studio soon to make this reality.  The album is expected/planned to be released next year.

How do you see the future of extreme metal and traditional heavy metal, two genres that you are into?

Right now, it’s hard to say since we there are not many concerts and no festivals and all has to be done online. Which really sucks. Even though I see fans keep and try hard to support their favourite bands even in this difficult time. I am hoping that after the pandemic, more people will put appreciation on the live concerts of both heavy metal and death metal bands.

Where do you enjoy jamming most? With the ladies in Crypta or mixed like in Cobra Spell?

Both in their own special way.

What has been the most challenging point of your career?

Having to make choices, such as leaving a band. I think leaving Burning Witches was my hardest choice so far in my short musical career. But I don’t regret it one bit.

Thanx for the interview and give an end.

Thank you a lot for the nice questions and support, and all the people reading this. Please check our music; it’s available on all popular streaming platforms or get our digital/physical music/merch. Stay tuned for our future endeveaours. Cheers.

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Cobra Spell⛧Love Venom EP | video review

Alexx Panza – Vocals

Sonia Anubis – Guitar

Sebastian “Spyder” Silva – Guitar

Angelina Vehera – Bass

Mike “Lucas” Verhof – Drums

  1. Come On Tonight (04:21)
  2. Poison Bite (04:39)
  3. Love Venom (04:44)
  4. Shake Me (03:18)
    Total: 16:22

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