Fovitron | interview

Symphonic blackdeath metal from Greece

Interview with Magni

Panos welcome to Metaller. Congratulations for your debut album, it was a pretty powerful release. To begin could you introduce us the band?

Hello. Thank you very much. Fovitron is a symphonic blackdeath metal band from Athens, Greece. The band consists of Nuntius Mortis (vocals), Fovitrus (guitars), Sovereign (bass), Damien (drums) and Magni (keyboards). In 2017 we released our first EP, titled “Fovitron” (self-released and in limited copies by CVLMINIS Records), and 3 years later in April 2020 we released our first full length album “Altar Of Whispers” via Alcyone Records.

How fans of the genre and the press greeted “Altar Of Whispers” til now?

The reviews from the press are very positive so far and the feedback we’ve received from the fans has been very good as well. We’d like to thank them all and we hope to see them all live when the circumstances allow for it.

Give us some further details about its creation, the recordings etc.?

The album was recorded during August-October 2019 at Made In Hell Studios and the mastering was finished in January 2020. The production was made by Magni and the mixing/mastering by David Prudent. The lyrics are written mainly by Nuntius Mortis and Sovereign. Magni has also written lyrics in some songs. Nancy Mos from Fortis Ventus featured as the guest vocalist in the track “Endless Whispers”. Last but not least, the artwork of the album is the work of Ioanna Athanasopoulou.

Tell us about Fovitron’s influences and from where are you drawing inspiration to write your music?

As a band that consists of 5 members the influences are quite diverse. They range from Cradle Of Filth and Dark Funeral to Draconian and Doom VS, Bal-Sagoth and many more. Inspiration comes from darkness and inner search.

If anyone would ask you what you play and how you sound what would you tell them?

We play symphonic black metal with death metal elements.

Tell us few things about the songwriting process, how do you work as a band?

The main composer of the songs is Fovitrus. In this album, the main riffs of all the songs were written by him with the exceptions of the intro “The Grieving King”, which was written by Magni, and “The Minstrel Of The Icy Keep”, which was written by Sovereign and Fovitrus. Fovitrus comes up with the main riffs of the songs and then the bass and the drums follow. Nuntius Mortis is responsible for the vocal parts and Magni is responsible for the keyboards to complete the song.

Provide us the clues of your lyrical themes?

The lyrics follow the atmosphere and, in some parts, the melancholy of the music. In this album, the lyrics mainly have to do with experiencing loss, the inner turmoil that human beings often feel inside and the struggle to beat it and emerge victorious. “The Minstrel Of The Icy Keep’’ has lyrics related to fantasy and medieval themes while “Endless Whispers” is about the demon Iblis who manipulates people by whispering lies and dark desires to them.

Inspiration comes from darkness and inner search.


Did you took advantage of the situation to write any new material or do various things concerning the band?

Yes. Since we cannot perform life during all this, we are composing new songs for our next album. Fovitrus and Sovereign have some riffs ready and we will start to make them whole songs. Furthermore, we are also finishing up some things concerning stage decoration for future lives. We have also used this opportunity to promote our first album online.

Which tracks from the album do you consider the most representative on the album and why?

The most representative tracks of the album are “Inner Demons” and “Wasteland Of My Dreams”. The first because it has the atmosphere and the lyrical themes that characterize this album and the second because it includes all the blackdeath metal riffs that represent the band.

 Your future plans and end credits?

Our future plans include as many lives as possible when the circumstances allow for it and composing new songs for our second album. Thank you very much for the interview and hope you enjoy our album. Horns up.


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