Cryptic Shift⛧Visitations From Enceladus | review

#crypticshift #techthrashdeathmetal

Xander Bradley | Vocals, Guitars, Plasma
John Riley | Fretless bass
Ryan Sheperson | Drums
Joe Bradley | Guitars

  1. Moonbelt Immolator 25:57
    I Detached From The Xenoverse
    II Skirmish Above HD 10180 h
    III Interstellar Lands
    IV Black Ore
    V Lair Of The Time-Ghouls
    VI Progeny Echoes
  2. (Petrified In The) Hypogean Gaol 07:21
  3. The Arctic Chasm 07:47
  4. Planetary Hypnosis 05:30
    Total: 46:35