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By the morningstar a new day begins. Let thelight of the lord shine bright and bring you strength. Let it illuminate what was dark, and give hope where once was only despair. You are invited to listen to this new Heavy Metal album in the name of the Lord Of Light. It offers shimmering timbres, keen rhythms and wondrous melodies by the hands of talented musicians and engineers, to bring you something truly radiant and exciting for the modern age. Mastermind of the band, Nicklas Kirkevall, answered to our questions, and let’s see what he has to say.
Interview with
Nicklas Kirkevall

Nicklas welcome to SFTV. What is the latest news from Lord Of Light? How are you holding up with the pandemic hysteria there in Sweden?

Things are good. The summer finally reached us up here, so it’s been a few slow weeks now before the working year starts again. In terms of the pandemic things could definitely be better, but they could also be a lot worse. I think most everyone is ready to go back to normal now, but we’re not quite there yet, and no one knows exactly when we will be.

You had the “Morningstar” songs bouncing in your head around a decade and eventually you released them. Why it took you so many years to decide to release them?

When I started writing my mind was more or less in straight up power metal mode, and I think I wasn’t really comfortable there. The songs weren’t fully formed and I just didn’t know where exactly I wanted to go or how I wanted things to sound, so it took a long time for me to find that out and to put it all together. In the beginning I also wasn’t anywhere close to being able to sing the stuff, so that took a long time to get comfortable with.

With such amazing songs that you’ve written where there’s no approach from labels and why did you choose No Remorse records?

Since it was all done over such a long period of time there was never any obvious point to start marketing ourselves, so we just focused on making as good an album as we could, and worry about that later. When it was finally done we decided to just release it digitally so we could start focusing on the next one. Lucky for us No Remorse found us out pretty quickly, and after some back and forth it was obvious to us they were the right label. Enthusiastic, attentive and professional. And with good taste.

Do you have written any new material for a possible future release?

Yes, we’re just about to start the production of the next one. There’s a bunch of new and exciting ideas I can’t wait to get to and I’ve selected ten of them to make the new album from. It’s not all written yet, but a few of the songs are almost done.

Give us some info about “Morningstar” recording sessions, production etc.?

Well, for the most part it was a pretty traditional recording session, but since there is so much synth work and vocal layers on some parts, that was done separately. The synths actually took a very long time do get done because of all the different sweeping pads and things I did, and in so many layers, but it turned out great in the end. For any gearheads out there, the synths mostly all done with a Jupiter-6, with a little bit of Juno-60 and Polysix.

What made you decide to start your own band and what were your intentions and dreams with Lord Of Light?

Since I was a teenager I knew that writing music was the main thing I wanted to do in life, and there was never anyone who was that interested in the kind of metal I gravitated to. I’ve always loved Iron Maiden and Stratovarius among many others, and I felt that I maybe had an angle on it all that hadn’t been fully explored, so I was very keen on getting something together so I could do that.

From where or what are you drawing inspiration to compose your music?

Anything really, from politics to rocketry. As long as there’s something interesting going on there that maybe isn’t obvious at first glance. But mainly it’s about sharing experiences, I suppose. I like to look for the things that we all have in common. I can’t hope to solve anyone’s problems but if we can share a moment we can find some truth in there maybe.

This album is about hope, sometimes misplaced, and how the best of intentions can lead down dark paths, both as individuals and as a society.

Nicklas Kirkevall

A band’s sound is always a combination of influences. What are some influences that might surprise your music’s fans?

I don’t suppose anyone would guess it by listening to the music but one of my favourite bands is The Offspring, and I certainly think I’ve gotten some things in my writing from them. Any music with strong melodies has always stuck with me, from Bonnie Tyler to Beethoven.

Could you please develop the lyric-topics in your songs?

This album is about hope, sometimes misplaced, and how the best of intentions can lead down dark paths, both as individuals and as a society. Finding your own path and not just someone else’s. About the silver lining in the grim stuff.

Which is the response you have for “Morningstar” til now?

It’s incredible how many people from all over the world have reached us and given their compliments and well wishes. I was completely in my head about all the little flaws on the album when we released it, so it’s been a true blessing to get all this positive and enthusiastic feedback.

Thanx for the interview and give an end.

Thank you for taking the time. It’s a pleasure. And to all the readers our next album is planned for release before summer 2021. I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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